Zizzi is a national chain of casual pizzerias located throughout the UK. The company presently operates nearly 90 different restaurants, and they consistently are a popular choice with consumers due to their wide selection of Italian entrees, salads, calzones, and desserts. While Zizzi does provide a full menu, the main draw for the restaurant is consistently their wide selection of pizzas. 

For people looking for a unique taste for their pizza, the Fiorentina pizza could be a great option. The pizza comes with the restaurant’s delicious tomato sauce, but then separates itself from the rest with its toppings. The Fiorentina pizza comes standard with spicy buffalo ricotta cheese, spinach, and a free range egg, which makes the pizza unlike any other found in the UK.

A great option for a pizza lover that wants a little bit of spice in their meal would be the Sofia pizza. This pizza should be a great option for both spice and meat lovers as the pizza comes topped with spicy chicken, pepperoni, and chopped sausage. To finish the pizza off, Zizzi tops the entire pizza with some of their fresh chili and rosemary. 

For those that are looking for an even hotter pizza option, the Diavola would be the best option available. The Diavola pizza starts with the standard mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, but it immediately takes a path of its own when the restaurants tops it with their fresh and spicy pepperoni slices and some of the hottest green chilies found on any pizza in the country.

While Zizzi does have a large selection of meaty and spicy pizzas, they also have plenty of options for someone looking for a lighter or healthier pizza. Someone looking for a classing pizza option should consider the Margherita pizza, which comes with fresh mozzarella and is then topped with olive oil and various spices. Others may enjoy the Funghi pizza, which gets its name from the field mushrooms that it is generously topped with. The Funghi pizza also comes with fresh mozzarella and many enjoy also adding spinach and other vegetables to the pizza.