Strada is a chain of Italian restaurants located in the UK.  While the company is still relatively young, it has expanded quickly as customers enjoy their higher-end pizzas which are served at all of the 65 locations across the UK.  Beyond pizza, Strada is well known for serving a strong selection of salads, Italian entrees, desserts, appetizers, and other specialty items.
One of the most popular pizza options at Strada continues to be the Margherita Pizza. This pizza is very simple, but extremely delicious and a best seller on a daily basis.  The pizza is simply made with Strada’s fresh tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, and then topped with some fresh basil. 
Many of Strada’s customers come to the restaurant looking for a more rustic pizza option. For them, the ideal choice would be the Pizza Rustica.  This pizza option comes with the standard tomato sauce, roasted Italian sausage, carmelized onions, and roasted artichoke, which give the pizza a very unique and enjoyable taste. Many customers also enjoy adding fresh sliced pepperoni to make the pizza even meatier.
Patrons who are looking for a spicy pizza option will also find a few options at Strada.  An extremely popular option at Strada is the Pizza Russo. This pizza comes standard with mozzarella cheese, spicy Italian salami, chopped roasted red peppers, chili, and carmelised onions.  All of this is then topped off with some fresh oregano, which gives the entire pizza a fresh and crisp taste. 
For customers looking for a lighter option, Strada offers a Pizzette option, which allows all pizzas to come on a thin flatbread, as opposed to traditional dough. This allows all of the available pizzas to be enjoyed while consuming 600 calories or less.  One of the most popular pizzettes is the Pizzette Vegetable.  This flatbread pizza comes standard with the fresh tomato sauce, a wide variety of roasted vegetables, and fresh goat cheese, as opposed to the heavier mozzarella cheese, which is the standard option. 
Another popular Pizzette is the Pizzette Pollo.  This healthy alternative comes with a simple tomato sauce base, which is then topped with char-grilled chicken, roasted artichokes, a variety of different peppers, olives, and then topped with a unique garlic yogurt dressing.