Pizza Hut is a major international chain of Pizza restaurants.  The company operates over 6,000 pizza restaurants across the UK and over 90 other countries.  While Pizza Hut offers a wide variety of salads, Italian entrees, desserts, and wings, the company is best known for their expansive selections of pizza, which continue to be very popular with pizza enthusiasts across the world. 
One of the most classic pizzas offered at Pizza Hut is the Meat Fest Pizza.  The Meat Fest Pizza is ideal for any meat lover that wants to have a hearty meal with their pizza.  The Meat Fest Pizza comes standard with a generous amount of meats including sliced ham, chopped and ground beef, sliced chicken breast, and delicious pepperoni slices.  All of the meats come on top of a bed of mozzarella cheese and classic pizza tomato sauce. 
For those who enjoy hot and spicy food, Pizza Hut has a great option.  While pizza is not classically considered a spicy food, Pizza Hut has made spicy food eaters happy with their Blazin Inferno Pizza.  The Blazin Inferno Pizza comes with the standard tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, but the spicy toppings include both jalapeno and chili peppers.  To finish it off, Pizza Hut adds a double order of fresh pepperoni.  Many spicy food lovers also add some Italian sausage to finish off the mix. 
An increasingly popular option for Pizza Hut customers has been the BBQ American Pizza. The BBQ American Pizza is a barbeque chicken pizza which comes standard with a sweet tangy barbeque sauce as opposed to the traditional tomato based sauce.  On top of that comes a bed of mozzarella cheese, slices of fresh chicken breast, chopped pieces of bacon, and sweet corn scattered across the pizza. 
For those people that are looking for a healthier alternative to the heavier and meatier pizzas, Pizza Hut offers the Veggie Supreme Pizza.  The Veggie Supreme Pizza is full of extremely fresh vegetables, including fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, a mixture of peppers, onions, and olives.  The pizza can also come with an option for half the amount of cheese, which will further cut back on the amount of calories.