Pizza Express is a chain of full-service pizza restaurants located throughout the UK and other parts of Western Europe.  The company was first founded in 1965 and has grown to be one of the biggest pizza chains in the UK.  Today, the company operates over 300 different locations.  The company is well known for offering a wide range of specialty pizzas, appetizers, desserts side items, and other Italian entrée options.
While the company has a very vast menu, most customers who come to Pizza Express are visiting for the pizza. Customers who visit have many different options to choose from, all of which can come on either a thick or thin and crispy crust.  Despite the many different options, one of the most popular pizza options selected on a regular basis is the American.  The American is a classic pizza which comes on a nice doughy crust, which is then spread with a deep layer of classic tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.  Topping the pizza is an ample service of sliced pepperoni.
While the American remains quite popular with customers, many like coming to Pizza Express to try out the various spicy pizzas that are offered.  One of the most popular spicy pizzas is the American Hot, which is essentially the American Pizza except that it comes standard with a variety of hot peppers, including the jalapeno and spicy green peppers.  Spicy food lovers also would enjoy the Diavolo Pizza, which comes with fresh pepperoni, chopped spicy beef, red onions, a variety of spicy peppers, and tobacco sauce. 
An increasingly popular pizza option is the Fungh di Bosco.  This pizza comes standard with a large Portobello mushroom, which is then chopped and spread across the entire pizza.  The pizza is also covered with garlic oil and bits of parsley, which give it a unique flavor. 
For customers looking to stay on the lighter side, Pizza Express has a wide range of healthier pizza options, which are referred to as the Leggera pizzas.  The centers of these pizzas are carved out and instead filled with a bowl of garden salad, which allows a full salad to have just 500 calories.  One of the most popular Leggera pizzas is the Contadina pizza.  This pizza has light mozzarella cheese, sliced low-fat chicken breast, spinach, red and green peppers, and tobacco sauce.  Customers can also request the addition of close to a dozen additional vegetables.